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Tree Pruning & More in Lancaster, WI

Looking for tree pruning services? Want to do some new planting? Or perhaps you are just searching for a little advice for your property in Lancaster, WI. If you have a tree-related question or need, Nihles Tree Service can help.

Special precaution must be taken when removing trees, especially near homes. Dangerous limbs and trunks are usually roped before cutting; then lowered to the ground. Due to the risk, this should only be done by trained, experienced professionals. Our experts were personally trained by a forester on how to take care of the trees and make them healthy as possible.

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Tree Pruning

At Nihles Tree Service, we offer Lancaster's most comprehensive tree care services. From our routine tree pruning and trimming service to more extensive work, we can help you maintain the green space around your property. You won't find a more dedicated tree care team anywhere in Lancaster.

Tree Removal

Our trimming service can also provide tree felling when the situation demands it. Although we prefer to save trees whenever possible, sometimes it just isn't safe or feasible to leave a tree in place. At Nihles Tree Service, our team has a tremendous safety record. We always protect people and property when we begin the process of felling a tree. We're fully insured and ready to tackle any job.

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Other Services

Our trimming service is also ready to provide complete stump removal service. Once an old tree stump is removed and the cleanup is finished, we'll be happy to help you prepare the spot for planting new grass, shrubs or even a new tree! Remember, we take pride in taking care of the landscape here in Lancaster, and will help you take care of your little part of it. Trust us for quality tree pruning and more.

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We can do everything from assisting you with tree selection to tree surgery and trimming in Lancaster, which will help keep your property looking its best. Give our tree experts a call today for more information.